Rice Tales

Rice is the favoured food of Kerala. No rice for lunch is a disaster of unimaginable dimensions. It was 1.30 p.m we had our lunch and were watching Television before the noon siesta, when Uncle and Aunty arrived unannounced.
A homemaker is a wonderful juggler capable of multitasking and often doing quick thinking, on her feet.
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Health benefits of Palakkadan matta rice

Food of every region is fascinating and as diverse as the many corners of the world. Having been raised outside Kerala and in a region where the staple diet is basically rotis made of Jowar, I was introduced to Matta rice only recently. I stumbled upon Single Boiled Matta rice only accidently, during one of my visits to the Malls and by looking at the packets displayed at the rice counters. I bought about two kilos of it and was pleasantly surprised to find that it needed lesser time to cook than Double Boiled Matta Rice The grains of Single Boiled Matta is smaller than the double boiled variety and the aroma of cooked rice appetizing. Apparently it also has a greater shelf life.
Gayathri Rice

Kole Field Agriculture

Kole fields are wetlands lying at a lower level than the Mean Sea Levels. ‘Kole’ is a Malayalam word which means a bumper yield. Bounded by the Chalakudy River in the South and Bharathapuzha River to the North, Kole fields spread over the Thrissur and Malappuram districts of Kerala over a surface area of thirty three thousand and seven hundred acres with rich and fertile Alluvium soil, and is particularly the natural drainage system for the Districts of Thrissur and Malapuram.
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