Gayathri Rice is a brand that has a long tradition and we uphold values such as Honesty, Purity and dedication here. We have over 50 years of experience and all these years we have been delivering rice and rice products that are reliable, healthy and tasty. Our staff that is rich in numbers and experience doesn’t need to be reminded of the fact that customer’s trust and belief are something that has to be maintained always and that is the reason why we keep on improving our efforts to deliver products that have all the nutritional benefits and taste.
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Thondi Matta Rice
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We believe in Gayathri rice that customers have full freedom to determine the quality of our products. We give attention to even the smallest thing so that there will be no reason for you to complain. Our products are synonyms of purity and the best paddy is used for our production. Our experienced staff follows guidelines by the management before delivering products
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Gayathri rice is the favourite brand of many families all over India and abroad. We began our production in 1962 and have the same preference towards quality from day 1. We have advanced machines and deliver top variants of rice. Gayathri Rice is the first company in Kerala to use Satake Machines powered by Japanese technology from processing, colour sorting to packing
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Gayathri rice is the perfect rice for all. We promise lots of health benefits. Our automatic machines avoid the danger of human contact and this also promotes our customers to buy Gayathri rice products. Our products help the functioning of organs and support the growth of children. We never compromise on quality because your health matters to us.
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Make quality rice your prioritiy.
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